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Welcome to Karimnagar District |

I) Introduction:
The District Water Management Agency working under the control of Rural Development Department. This office has been bifurcated from District Rural Development Agency on 18-10-2011 and transferred the watershed projects. Subsequently Comprehensive Land Development Project, Mahathama Gandhi national Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes have been launched on 11-10-2004 and 02-02-2006 respectively and the said scheme are being implemented by the office.
II) Organisation structure:

III) Activities /Schemes & Status
I. MGNREGS:- The primary objective of the scheme is to provide livelihood security to the households in rural areas by providing not less than 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a finical year.
The focus of the scheme shall be on the following works in the order of priority.
1. Water conservation and harvesting.
2. Drought proofing (including afforestation and tree plantation). Teak Plantation: - With a view to provide additional income to farmers the Government has taken up plantation programme so far around 33.00 lakhs Teaks were planted in 21166 acres of land pertaining to 22462 farmers in our district for every teak plant Rs. 116/- will paid to the farmers for their maintenance over period of 3 years. 1.00 Crore Teak is targeted for the next year.
3. Irrigation canals, including micro and minor irrigation works.
4. Provision of irrigation facility to land owned by households belonging to the scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes or to land of beneficiaries of land reforms or the beneficiaries of Indira Awas Yojana program.
5. Renovation of traditional water bodies including desilting of tanks.
6. Land development.
7. Flood control and protection works, including drainage in water - logged areas.
8. Rural connectively to provide all - weather access.
9. Any other works, which may be notified by the Central Government in consultation with the state Government.
Status as on -10-2011 (At a glance report)
II. CLDP :- The SC/ST/BC/Others who were provided assigned lands by Revenue Department having not less than 10 acres compact land blocks covering with 4-5 families are legible for sanction of development of block for taking up the following works
a. Bush Clearance
b. Land Leveling
c. Tank silt application
d. Farm bunding
e. Farm ponds
f. Check Dams
g. Percolation Tanks
h. Open wells
i. Bore Wells
j. Energization
Indira Jala Prabha (IJP) :- The Government has launched a prestigious under the name of Indira Jala Prabha (IJP). The scheme is almost aimed at providing water facility to SC/ST assigned as well as patta lands. For every 5 acres of compact are one bore well is dug with motor and electricity connection for irrigation purpose. A target of 31,000 acres with 48.66 Crores estimated cost is earmarked for our district so far 13,102 acres and 910 blocks have been identified and the scheme under progress.
Status as on -01-2016 (At a glance report)
III. Watersheds :- Watershed development aims at creation of Water harvesting structures, Soil and moisture conservation manures, Land development, maintenance of water bodies and plantation, besides providing livelihood opportunities, micro enterprises and productivity enhancement especially in dry land areas as a measure of drought measurement.
Status as on -01-2016 (At a glance report)


No. of Job cards : 6,57,498
Total No of Person days generated as on 30-01-2016 – 92,16,922
Total No of Households completed 100 Days of Wage Employment 10,480
In this year 2015-16 Avreage wage per days Rs. 129.78
34.04 Average No of days employment provided per Household
24,093 No. of works completed Cost of Rs. 125.11 Crores
Individual Household Latrines (IHHLs) sanctioned Units 1,08,212,  Completed Units -97,554 In-progress units – 10,635 Expenditure incurred . Rs. 93.45 Crores











1. Mango and Sweet Orange planted in 280 Acres with MIP.
2. 202 Nurseries raised and 45 lakhs of teak plants planted on the bunds of SC/ST and SF/MF        lands.
Convergence with Line Departments:
PR Department

  • Roads: 628 WBM roads with cost Rs. 41.67 Crores in SC/ST and Other habitations completed.
  • 526 Gravel roads to fields, burial grounds and public institutions with cost of Rs.13.82 Crores under progress.
  • 48 Agricultural Produce Storage Godowns cum Drying Platforms under MGNREGS with an estimated cost of Rs. 19.20 Crores
  • 55 MMS Buildings Bharath Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra (BNRGSK) estimated cost of Rs. 17.60 Crores.
  • GP Buildings: 140 GP buildings with cost of Rs. 14.00 Crores under progress and 96 New GP buildings sanctioned with an estimated cost of Rs. 12.48 Crores in the District. 
  • Forest Department: 921 No. of works of CCTs, Staggered Trenches, Gabain Structure, RFDs, etc., with cost of Rs. 1561.09 lakhs under progress.
  • Animal Husbandry Department: Perinnial fodder is being developed in 12889 Acres.
  • Social Audit: The confidence of people on MGNREGS improved through Social Audit in remote areas.

VI) Scheme wise physical status

Sl. No



Physical status

Financial status
(Rs. in Lakhs)

No. of works sanctioned

Works in Progress

Funds released

Expenditure incurred




















Source: Project Director,DWMA