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Karimnagar district is located towards the north-western part of Telangana . The district headquarter of Karimnagar is Karimnagar town. Karimnagar forms the part of the Telangana region. The district has derived its name from late Nizam, Syed Karimullah Shah
The history of Karimnagar district dates back to the Old Stone Age that is to 1, 48,000 BC. Once upon a time, the district of Karimnagar was known as the seat of Vedic learning. The age of Karimnagar can well be understood from the several tools and materials that are found in the region. In addition to the tools even the culture of the district testifies the
S.No Tourist Spot Theme Place
1 Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy temple Piligrim centre Vemulawada
2 Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple Piligrim Centre Kondagattu
3 Laxmi Narsimha swamy Temple Piligrim centre Dharmapuri
3 Laxmi Narsimha swamy Temple Piligrim centre Dharmapuri
4 Sri Kaleshwara Mukteswara swamy temple Piligrim centre Kaleshwaram
5 Manthani temples Monuments Manthani
6 Molanguru fort Piligrim centre Molanguru
7 Raikal Piligrim centre Raikal
8 Nagunur temples Monuments Nagunur
9 Jagityala fort Monument Jagityala
10 Dhulikatta Buddhist centre Dhulikatta
11 Silver Filigree Hand crafts Karimnagar
12 Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary Wild life Manthani
13 Ramagiri Khila Monument Peddapalli
14 Ujwala and Deer parks Parks Karimnagar
15 Lower Manair Dam Water body Karimnagar
16 Northern thermal power company(NTPC) Industry Ramagundam
17 Singareni collieries company - -
fact that it is as old as the Old Stone Age. Various archaeological excavations at places like Pedda Bonkur, Dhollikatte and Kotilingalu confirm the fact that Karimnagar was ruled by the Satvahanas, the Mauryas and the Asafzalu kings. A number of constructions which are still present in the district of Karimnagar give strong historical evidences of of the district of Karimnagar.
Major places
Karimnagar, Peddapalli, Manthani, Jagityala, Siricilla, Huzurabad
Tourist places
Jagityala fort, Dhulikatta, Elagandal fort, Shivaram sanctuary.
Pilgrimage centers
Sri Rajarajeswara Temple, Vemulavada, Sri Kaleshwara Mukteswara swamy temple, Kaleshwaram, Lakshminarasimhaswamy temple, Dharmapuri