This village lies in thick forest surroundings, at a distance of 16kms from Mahadevapuram and 32kms from Manthani at a picturesque spot where the river Godavari receives into its stream another small river called the Pranahitha. The place is considered to be sacred not only on account of it being a confluence but also due to the existence of many ancient temples. Among these temples, the one dedicated to "Mukteswara Swamy"is the mostimportant. special signi ficance attatched to these shrine owing to the eistence of two Sivalingams on one Panivattam. The Sivalingam in this place is considered to be one of the three Jyothirlingams of Lord Siva which constitued the three corners of the Andhra Desha, the other two being at Srisailam in Kurnool and in Draksharama in East Godavari districts. There is also a temple dedicated to Brahma here, a rather uncommon feature. Mahasivarathri festival cele brated here for two days during 'Magha' attracts a very large number of devotees.